What to Look for in a Flooring Contractor

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Certain home improvement projects are best left for professionals to handle. A good example is flooring installation. It is best to find a professional flooring contractor than to start a project you cannot finish unless you are one yourself. At Dura Flooring, we have a team of experienced professionals who provide superior unmatched services. Today, let’s check the top things to look for in a flooring contractor.


Hiring an experienced flooring contractor is a guarantee of customer satisfaction. Just like our team at Dura Flooring, professionals with years of experience in installing flooring have built a solid reputation of excellence, and you can be confident that they will take the job seriously.
Simply typing ‘flooring companies near me’ is sure to bring more than enough options you can work with when looking for a flooring contractor. But, do not ask a contractor familiar with luxury vinyl flooring to do a laminate wood flooring. It would be easier to find a flooring company that has different contractors for specific flooring types. To be sure of the experience, ask the contractor for references and evidence of previous projects.

Payment Policy

Look for how the flooring contractor handles payment before you decide to hire them. Generally, after seeing the work, you should make a deposit, then pay the remainder after completion. If the contractor is demanding full pay from the beginning, leave them. And consider the pricing proposal of the flooring contractor with the services you need.


A flooring contractor with raving referrals should be able to back it up with a sense of professionalism. If he cannot give you a timeline of the installation work, does not have a reasonable estimate of the cost of the entire project, and is not willing to provide you with a written estimate, then keep looking.

License and Insurance

Only hire flooring contractors that are fully insured and licensed. Suppose something goes wrong during the flooring installation – perhaps damage to the flooring area. Does the contractor or the company have insurance coverage, or are you responsible for covering such costs? Find out before the job to protect yourself and your property.
And again, any professional contractor you hire, especially for the first time, should have an up-to-date license and certification from an accredited institution. Knowing they are licensed will give you the satisfaction that they have an establishment in flooring services.

Customers usually do not know what they are looking for in a flooring installation, let alone in a contractor. And so, they need education. At Dura Flooring, we love to help the customer throughout the whole process. We know a flooring project can be a chaotic, laborious process. But seeing as we are big in customer service, we are willing to start at the very beginning and educate our customers on the process. We continue this until the final repair and maintenance check is done.

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