If you’re caught between two great floor coverings with a need for more information, you’re not alone. Many homeowners ask about the difference between luxury vinyl flooring, or LVF, and sheet vinyl. When you’re looking for specific attributes, these differences can be critical for your home, and so we’d like to take the time to answer that question here today.

Which vinyl flooring product do you need?

Luxury vinyl, such as vinyl plank flooring, is a beautiful, durable, and functional floor covering that is a reliable product for any space in your home. Besides protecting against scratches, scuffs, and stains, it also provides 100% waterproof protection when selecting an appropriate core option. With various visual opportunities, you can easily match any décor, so it’s well worth your consideration.

Sheet vinyl also offers a kind of waterproof protection in that it has no seams into which water or liquids can seep. It also has visuals that are not hampered by seams, leaving you with a gorgeous and uninterrupted visual appeal. While not quite as durable as luxury vinyl, you’ll find it still protects against daily wear well, to give you a great looking floor for years to come.

Concerning installation, both offer a quick and easy experience. However, sheet vinyl is usually installed in a single sheet in most average-sized rooms. That means professional installation is undoubtedly the best option to get these floors in place. If you’d like to discuss the differences between these two products more, feel free to visit us when you’re in the Commerce, CA area.

Let us help with your vinyl flooring choice

When you visit Dura Flooringin Commerce, CA, you’ll find that we want you to have a genuinely successful flooring experience, no matter the size of your project. Our associates are dedicated to providing a no-hassle shopping experience but are still available to answer all your questions. If you’d like to find out more about any flooring covering, feel free to ask so that you can find the best vinyl flooring for your specific requirements.